Product Description

  • Reciever for barrel and block ATFE approved
  • Functioning charging handle
  • Functioning top cover
  • Capable of producing intense
    muzzle flash and thunderous sound
  • As a safety feature, sim-fire ready replicas have flash arrestors

The MK19 was originally developed to provide the U.S. Navy with an effective riverine patrol weapon in Vietnam. Although the MK19 is a recent entry into the Army weapons inventory, development began in 1963. The original version, called the MK18, was a hand-cranked, multiple grenade launcher patented by the Honeywell Corporation and could only be fired as fast as the operator could manipulate the crank. In 1966, the need for more firepower inspired the development of a self-powered 40 MM machine gun called the MK19 MOD 0. Product improvements that began in 1971 resulted in the 1972 MOD 1, of which only six were produced. The MOD 1 performed effectively in Navy riverine patrol craft and broader applications for the MK19 were found. In 1973, the Navy developed the MOD 2, which featured improved reliability, safety and maintainability. In 1976, a Product Improvement Program (PIP) was initiated that resulted in yet another MK19 redesign, the MOD 3. The Army adopted the MK19 MOD 3 in 1983 to be used within the tactical environment for defense, retrograde, patrolling, rear area security, Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) and special operations.

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MK-19 40 MM Auto Grenade Launcher

Call for Price*

• Sim-Fire Option
• ATFE Approved
• Weight 52-LBS
• Tripod & MK-64 Mount Not Included