Product Description

  • Right side plate ATFE approved
  • Functioning charging handle
  • Functioning top cover
  • Straight barrel with cooling shroud water jacket
  • Capable of producing intense muzzle flash and thunderous sound
  • As a safety feature, sim-fire ready replicas have flash arrestors

While the Browning M1917 machine gun was scarcely used in early American military history, it went on to fight in most all major conflicts in the 20th Century. The Browning M1917 was developed during the latter stages of WWI, but was still in use during WWII and the Vietnam War. The system was produced in enough numbers to ensure the Browning name would be synonymous with the U.S. Army for generations and lead to further Browning developments in the decades to come. Despite its limited availability in WWI, the system came into its own during inter war years preceding WWII and became the featured heavy machine gun of the U.S. Army. The Browning M1917 was initially categorized as a heavy machine gun by 1917 standards; however, the weapon was later “downgraded” to the medium machine gun category. Near the end of WWI, the Browning M1917 was accepted into service after some impressive test firings for the U.S. Army

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Browning M1917 .30 CAL Water Cooled Machine Gun

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• Sim-Fire Option
• ATFE Approved
• Machined From Steel, 6061 Aluminum, Castings, And Brass
• Weight 37-Lbs.
• Water Cooled

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