• New Life for a 1917 Spandau

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  • Enhancing Fire Arms with Cerakote

      We are officially one of only three official Cerakote™ applicators in Hampton Roads. If you’re not familiar with Cerakote™, it’s a polymer-ceramic composite coating that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. Currently, we are researching the ballistic applications of Cerakote™ for military and law enforcement use, in addition to offering this enhancement application for the general public’s firearm coating needs.We’ve chosen to offer Cerakote™ firearm coatings because its unique formulation enhances several physical performance properties, including:• Abrasion/Wear Resistance• Corrosion Resistance• Chemical Resistance• Impact Strength• Hardness Learn about how we are rebuilding a 1917 Spandau […]

  • Endless Possibilities with Cerakote

    February 2017, Hampton, VA – International Replica Arms Company (IRAC), a leader in building and supplying replica weapons to museums and private collectors, is now an official Cerakote applicator, one of only three in Hampton Roads. IRAC is researching the [… […]

  • Machine Gun Wind Tunnel Test A Success

    January 2017, Hampton, VA – International Replica Arms Company (IRAC), a leader in building and supplying replica weapons to museums and private collectors, performed an experiment on its M1919A3 to determine whether a simulated fire system could operate successfully in [… […]

  • True Heroes: SFC Paul Ray Smith, the Medal of Honor, and the M2 .50 CAL HB

    Sergeant First Class Paul Ray Smith gripped the two spade handles at the rear of the M2 Browning .50 Caliber HB machine gun, his thumb tensely poised on top of the butterfly trigger. Heat waves from the tapered barrel blurred [… […]

  • The Origin Of M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun

    Of all the weapons to come from the genius of John Moses Browning, the M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun may have been his crowning achievement. It certainly was one of his finest, and one of the last to ever [… […]

  • IRAC Introduces Knowledge Vault Mobile App

      Hampton, Virginia – International Replica Arms Company (IRAC), maker of handmade simulated-fire heavy machine guns, has released IRAC Knowledge Vault, an application that is set to redefine how their products are owned. Using innovative VEZI™ mobile technology, the IRAC [… […]

  • IRAC’s MK19 Looks Awesome On The Barracuda. Check Out Where It’s Stored

    HAMPTON, VIRGINIA Ireland-based Safehaven Marine has just finished their newest prototype, the Barracuda high speed low RCS Interceptor vessel. While it might look like something from the latest James Bond or Batman movie, it is a very real (and cool) [… […]

  • Replica Gun Maker Brings Hollywood Closer To Virginia

    Hampton, Virginia – Highgate System’s recent purchase and relocation of International Replica Arms Company LLC. to Hampton, has brought Virginia one step closer to becoming a Hollywood player. Originally located in Ohio, Irac LLC. custom builds authentic ATF-certified replica machine [… […]