About Us

About Us

For the past 40 years, International Replica Arms Company (IRAC) has been a recognized leader in the design and production of the finest replica, display and simulated-fire machine guns in the world. Our guns are fully legal, ATF-Certified replicas of the most famous and recognizable weapons on the planet.

Throughout the years we have served a variety of clients. Our clientele ranges from all branches of the military to museums, advertising firms and film companies. Each gun we produce is custom-made by master weapons specialists and are constructed from the best materials. Each detail of the design and construction that go into an IRAC weapon is carefully considered; this way, we consistently produce authentic performances one would expect to see on a battlefield.

We have recently moved operations to Hampton, Virginia, where we are continuing our decades-long success as an affiliate of Highgate Systems. This new development has enabled us to expand our capabilities and increase production while maintaining the highest levels of craftsmanship in our gun making.



IRAC is now an official Cerakote applicator, one of only three in Hampton Roads.  Having IRAC apply a Cerakote coating on your personal firearm is a great way to ensure protection and completely customize its appearance.  We are also tesearching the ballistic applications of Cerakote for military and law enforcement use as well as offering this enhancement application for the general public’s firearm coating needs.

IRAC has chosen to offer Cerakote™ firearm coatings because its unique formulation enhances a number of physical performance properties, including:

  • Abrasion/Wear Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Impact Strength
  • Hardness

Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote™ products remain at the forefront of the firearm coatings market.